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Nero BackItUpNero BackItUp

Nero AG - 22.12MB (Free)

Nero BackItUp is a cloud storage solution and a component of many Nero suites and applications. It's also available as a standalone product that is pa...

Norton GhostNorton Ghost

Symantec - 119.68MB (Commercial Trial)

Norton Ghost is a tool for creating backups of your entire hard-drive that can be recovered any time, for example in the case of moving to a new syste...

O&O AutoBackup 6 Professional EditionO&O AutoBackup 6 Professional Edition

O&O Software - 768KB (Commercial Trial)

O&O AutoBackup Professional Edition is a handy app that is able to backup your files automatically and keep them fully in sync. You can backup your...

O&O DiskImage ExpressO&O DiskImage Express

O&O Software - 11.81MB (Freeware)

O&O DiskImage Express is a powerful application that enables you to image your entire computer and restore single drives. O&O DiskImage Expre...

O&O DiskImage ProfessionalO&O DiskImage Professional

O&O Software - 43.71MB (Commercial Trial)

O&O DiskImage Professional is an easy way to undertake scheduled auto backups and create manual backups when required. Thanks to the application's...

O&O DiskRecoveryO&O DiskRecovery

O&O Software - 12.36MB (Commercial Trial)

O&O DiskRecovery lets you recover files on storage volumes with damaged or deleted files structures. If your files have been deleted accidentally, by ...


JensH - 361KB (Open Source)

ODIN is a small utility to create back-ups of your hard drive volume or complete hard drive. The application allows you to created or restore images...

Pandora RecoveryPandora Recovery

Pandora Corp - 2.32MB (Freeware)

Pandora Recovery is a relatively lightweight, yet powerful, free data recovery tool, which provides you with an effective way to attempt recovery of p...

Paragon Backup & RecoveryParagon Backup & Recovery

Paragon Software Group - 86.62MB (Non-Commercial Freeware)

Paragon Backup & Recovery generates a backup of your data including operating system, application and personal files. The backup target can be another...

PartitionGuru FreePartitionGuru Free

Eassos - 37.06MB (Freeware)

PartitionGuru Free offers an all-in-one solution for data recovery, partition management and Windows backup & restore. PartitionGuru Free is a ...

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